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Top features


Manage categories/ and sub categories of products and services for your marketplace

Online Messaging

Marketplace comes with in-messaging for platform. Users can communicate with each other securely

Content Management

You can manage all contents of your marketplace platform without the need for a developer

Integrate with web service

Yumpee provides the ability to integrate with external web services like Paypal, Twilio, Stripe etc

Classified Banner Ads

With Yumpee, you can manage classified ads in different parts of your website. They can be static ads, rotational banners etc


Yumpee comes with an eCommerce module in a multi-vendor setup that allows for vendors to be paid directly.

Users Profile Directory

A comprehensive user's directory with feature to contact profile owners. Profile owners can also manage their information

Multi Plugins for platform

You have access to different plugins that can extend your platform. Video / Audio calls, Online Chat, Online class, booking calendar etc

Blogs and Articles

Write, organise and publish aticles, news, thesis etc with the Articles management module